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This site will include online classes, handouts to download and products to purchase that go with the classes.    

Much time and effort has been given the last 15+ years to actually doing the work of creating outlines for classes, presenting the class and making handouts for you to refer to later.

Anything I teach on this website, I have done, eaten or used!  That is a mistake many people make is to purchase a product and to put it in the garage or backpack for that "rainy day", or for use later.   Then when it comes time to use it, well.....it becomes apparent that it would have been nice to have that attachment, or some other item to make it more functional or friendly.  Using anything you might want to use in an emergency or to go camping or whatever, is a MUST! 

I have found many "glitches" in products or techniques in using them that I will share along with many "do-overs" that will save you much time and money!

So come back in a bit to check us out!  Contact information is at the bottom.


I have 12 classes that I now teach.
I have taught Food storage and preparedness classes for the last 20 years and it has been a big part of my every day life in cooking and caring for a large family of 8 children. I am now putting the information on a blog
oilinmylamp8.wordpress.com and this site for others to learn from.

Oil in My Lamp
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In my mind, handouts are a must. I like to have a hard copy of things I like to refer to. Having a notebook of recipes for camping, emergency ideas and solutions and instructions is important. In a pinch or a crisis, a computer might not be handy! So get a 3 ring binder and be ready to fill it!


I have found some great stuff in all my research and field work!

I will share it with you or tell you the best place to find it!